Arun Sharma

Working Areas

  • Military & Law Enforcement
  • Corporate Firms
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Special Security Firms
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  • Professional Military Combat & Martial Arts Expert
  • Certified from USA, Brazil & Phillippines.
  • Authorized Instructor at The Damini Project. Click For More Info
  • Computer Science Engineer
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  • Jeet Kune Do – The Combat Philosophy of Master Bruce Lee
  • Kali – The Filipino Weapon Based Combat System
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – BJJ The Ground Fighting System
  • PFS – Progressive Fighting System
  • Women’s Self Defense – ETGS & Rape Safe Tactics
  • Edged & Impact Weapons – Use of Weapons for Tactical Combat
  • RAT – Rapid Assault Tactics
  • Tai Chi & Qi Gong – Calm Mind & Healthy Body


The Damini Project - Women's Safety


Reality based Combat training which is opt for our commandos, its extremely applicable in warfare situation and close quarter combat scenarios, i would like to Thank Mr. Arun Sharma for training our team and making us realise the need of moden day training into Military & Law Enforcement. ~ Major Dimmel, Indian Army

August 27, 2013

Your Teaching Ability is Wonderful, You make it look so easy & explain in details each and every aspect of Combat. One must learn the art of using weapons like Knife, Sticks and Empty Hands for safety. Thanks Mr.Sharma for your teachings. ~ Captain Balwinder Singh, Indian Army

August 27, 2013

I would thank Mr. Arun Sharma and his team for taking this initiative to teach our employees about Safety And Self Defense .The training provided by them was very good and it was easy to learn , effective on street and economical in using them. ~ Gurpreet Sanjar Assistant Manager Stic Travel Groups

August 27, 2013

Very easy and practical techniques which can be learnt with in few minute which boosted up my confidence that i can survive not fight . I would recommend this for all girls and women because as mentioned by Mr. Arun Sharma that safety is one’s own responsibility . ~ Swati Mahlotra Staff coordinator HCL Technologies

August 27, 2013

Very helpful and easy techniques which any female of any age can learn. I would thank Arun Sharma and his team for this noble cause which they are doing in protecting the Indian future since a women make a men and world too. Kudos to the team!! ~ Preeti Singh Optometrist at Shroff Eye Center

August 27, 2013


Self Defense Video Training

Watch & Learn the Self Defense Techniques which are based on Situational awareness & Common sense along with a very different system of Self defense which is followed by Military & Police.

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Training Tazars – Seychelles Special Forces

Training Seychelles Commandos

Art of Kali

Latest Video Showing The Filipino Art of Kali & Use of Weapons

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